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ZEN-O has Best Battery Life in its Class

POC Portable Oxygen Concentrtor Dubai


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Welcome to Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dubai  - Buy Best oxygen concentrator in Dubai UAE - Portable oxygen concentrator for sale in UAE online

Welcome to the thriving world of oxygen therapy machines and portable oxygen concentrator Dubai, Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dubai  - Buy oxygen concentrator in Dubai UAE - Portable oxygen concentrator for sale in UAE Online in UAE. We are medical equipment supplier in Dubai & medical equipment company in Dubai have been engrossing into the business of medical oxygen therapy systems & equipment. We are one of the medical companies which specialized in supply and sales of  medical portable oxygen concentrators and oxygen generators also called oxygen  treatment products or O2 concentrator in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all cities in United Arab Emirates UAE, such as Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dubai home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators POC (O2 Generator), home ventilators, pulmonary ventilation, mechanical ventilator and medical ventilator systems. We introduce high quality & durable home, outdoors portable oxygen concentrators & provide excellent services with the most competitive price to UAE market. We are  your business partner that you can rely on. In a very short span of time, we have been able to carve a niche of excellence in the market place for ourselves. Our dedication towards work & vast business knowledge has placed us on the top over the graph. We are committed to provide reliable & accurate products to our customers. We assured you our products are genuine, safe & effective. Our team of skilled & experienced personnel, professional environment provided by us is helpful in the fostering our quality products & attaining customer satisfaction. looking to buy Zen-O or buy portable oxygen concentrator main suppliers in dubai UAE.  contact us now & get the best price for oxygen cylinder and oxygen tank and best price for  for GCE Zen-O portable Oxygen Concentrator in Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE

Our mission  as Portable oxygen concentrator dubai UAE main supplier is to keep searching for the most innovative, quality, effective & highest standards oxygen therapy devices, oxygen concentrator portable & home care equipment  to be offered to our loyal customers at very suitable & affordable prices.

Our Vision in Zen-O Dubai is to be one of the largest companies in the region that provide  quality medical oxygen therapy systems & equipment to assure loyal customers on the long run

Our Values are Quality, customer comes first, integrity, simplicity, fast delivery, easy transactions, & continuous pursuing of our customers’ satisfaction. Our values make us unique & inspire our success. looking for portable oxygen concentrator for sale in Dubai in UAE  we offer best price buy now Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dubai  - Buy oxygen concentrator in Dubai UAE - Portable oxygen concentrator for sale in Dubai in UAE

When you buy from us , you are in fact buying directly from the main factory thus you will get the best deal in  term of:

​- Best price

- Training & Education

- Original Products & Product quality
- Spare parts availability
- Following up
- Delivery time

- Technical supports & maintenance


looking for Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dubai  - Buy oxygen concentrator in Dubai UAE - Portable oxygen concentrator for sale in Dubai in UAE .. get the best portable oxygen concentrator price in Dubai

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Sale online in Dubai in UAE
Portable Oxygen Concentrator for sale in Dubai UAE
Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Model: Zen-O (Continuous / Pulse) Modes

buy Portable oxygen concentrator in Dubai
Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Model: Zen-O Lite (Pulse) Mode

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Why Zen-O

The Best Battery Life in its Class

  • The Battery life is an important feature for portable oxygen concentrators & for the user as well. The longer the battery life, the more freedom you have. Zen-O Portable oxygen concentrator you are getting the unit with the best battery life in its class! It operates using one or two batteries giving you the ability to choose more battery life or a lighter unit depending on what you have planned. The battery slots are covered to keep your batteries safe and secure, but you can easily access them when needed because of its smart design

Ideal for The Active Patients

  •  Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator is ideal for active oxygen patients or for the patients looking to become more active. The lightweight & small design makes it easy to bring virtually anywhere you go and it’s equipped with hi-tech technology that automatically adjusts to your breathing rate. Whether you’re exercising, having a bad breathing day, or dealing with other respiratory difficulties the Zen-O automatically increases the volume of oxygen delivered every minute in response to your needs. Not to mention, it comes with a custom carrying case and a wheeled travel cart giving you the ability to choose how to transport your concentrator system.

Designed to Run 24 Hours/Day

  • Zen-O portable Oxygen concentrator is a durable machine. Have peace of mind knowing the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator can supply you with oxygen 24 hours a day. It runs on pulse flow and continuous flow modes to meet your daytime and nighttime oxygen needs, even if you are required to use a BIPAP machine or CPAP machine at night because the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator can be powered using batteries, an AC power supply, or a DC power supply you will be able to use your concentrator virtually anywhere you go. For extended use, the AC and DC power supplies will power your concentrator for the entire time you have it plugged in. Contact us now for more details

Light Weight

  • The Zen-O offers lightweight portability, which means patients can carry on with their lives unrestricted.

  • lightweight Zen-O will enable most of your patients to live an active lifestyle. Zen-O will also help ease any anxieties some might have about being left without supplementary oxygen

Smart Alarm System

  • Zen-O is designed with various audible and visual smart alarms, to prompt the user of a required action such as Low oxygen purity, No breath detected, Low battery, Service required

No Hassle in Operation

  • Operating the medical equipment & medical devices shouldn’t be like rocket science for the end-user & Zen-O took that into account when designing the machines. The control panel is equipped with large buttons and an easy to read LCD display. All button are clearly labeled with its operation so there isn’t any confusion when you do setting for your concentrator. The large LCD screen also displays vital information like remaining battery life, which setting you’re using, and it even displays a message if your machine alarms. That means no more guessing what’s wrong if your concentrator alarms.

FAA Approved

  • Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has ruled that all passengers who require oxygen machine must be allowed to bring FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators on the plane. This ruling means that if you need oxygen therapy, you still have the freedom to travel wherever you would like. Rest assured that all oxygen concentrators we sell  are FAA-approved. 






Poor & lack selection by a customer & buyers for buying of medical oxygen therapy equipment, may lead to a disproportionate escalation in health care          delivery costs. We understand this point very well that's why we do all our best to provide the best   oxygen generators equipment in terms of technology, & quality by       selecting one of the world's top quality brands  Zen-O  UAE 

Our trained staff can install the device & educate the patient & family to             operate & use the machine to achieve the best outcomes. We provide patient education &. follow-up advice to ensure that we are always       here when you need us. We want to be your best partner for oxygen therapy equipment , whether you’re a  patient,  healthcare professional or a patient’s family           member.

When you buy from us , you are in fact buying from the main agent who cares about the quality of its products &  reputation, thus    you will get the best deal in  term of: 

1) Best price & Delivery time

2) Highest warranty period

3) Training & demonstration, 4) Service Center & Maintenance

5) Spare parts availability

6) Providing Emergency backup units

We provide quality technical and service support to our customers before, during     and after the purchase to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. As we are the main agent and dealers for GCE Zen-o oxygen concentrators in Dubai and in whole UAE we have professional technicians & engineers & we provide checking the machine & do maintenance for technical  malfunctions.

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